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I found Sue on Nextdoor and I'm so glad. She has been so helpful. She has been working with my dad for several months. He has made a lot of progress with mobility, strength and balance issues.

Krista Dunham

I have been through 5 years of assessments and physical therapy and steroid injections trying to get relief from muscle pain and imbalance.After 6 weeks with Dr. Beckham I honestly feel better than I have in years. Pain free and able to live my life. What a jewel. She is a great teacher and fun to work out with. I can't recommend enough!

Sue Hilton

Dr. Sue Beckham helped both my husband and I with several biomechanical issues. Both of us ride, hike (and I paddle), etc. Her clinical and scientific background, and creativity with corrective exercises helped a ton! I was sore the first day, admittedly. I found her to be progressive and open to suggestions if something wasn't working, especially after my elbow surgery. Well worth it! 

Barbara Rogers

Dr. Beckham assessed my strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances and set up a personalized program to address these issues. I have become more flexible, have better balance, and less muscle soreness after workouts. She has really upped my cycling game! I love going to her classes. I learn something new each week and add it to my home work out regimen. She can benefit everyone at any level of fitness.

Mindy Mashburn

I have had remarkable success working with Dr Beckham for increasing  my shoulder  flexibility and hip instability.  The techniques she teaches can be applied at home or on the road when traveling.  I have much more confidence doing my YMCA classes knowing I am in a proper position for squats and lunges. Whether you are an elite athlete or an "active older adult"  you will be amazed how much you can improve.

Sue Solewin

Sue helped both me and my husband in our workout sessions.  We felt confident that the things she asked us to do were customized to our specific needs and would not cause injury.  She was patient and encouraging and showed a broad knowledge of many different techniques that would benefit each of us individually.  I could see that both of us improved our balance, strength and agility.

Dorothy Verhalen

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