corrective exercise for knee valgus (knee rolls in)
Single leg dead lift
hip stability exercise

Online Personal Training

Improve your fitness at home with live online sessions or a personalized workout plan with exercise videos.


1:1 Personal Training

Program includes assessment followed by 1:1 sessions for a variety of goals including weight loss, strength, core training, posture, and balance are indiividualized.


Golf Assessment and Corrective Exercise Session

Golf Assessment and Corrective Exercise


Small Group Personal Training - 60 Minutes

Training for groups of 2-6 persons receive individualize feedback with the camraderie, energy, and social environment of a small group.

$60 ea

Sports-Specific Corrective Training - 60 Minutes

A functional assessment along with client goals are used to develop an individualized program to improve performance and prevent injury by correcting muscle imbalances and improve movement patterns.


Wellness Services

Develop an eating plan to improve health lose weight, and feel better. Restructure your work and home environment to make your wellness goals easier to achieve. Your coach will idenfity environmental triggers that sabotage your wellness goals like healthy eating and show you how to reorganize your kitchen and other areas to create cues for healthy lifestyle behaviors that support your goals.

Upon Request


Transform your education programs and seminars with interactive training and presentations that provide hands-on skills for personal and corporate growth. Mobility and corrective exercise clinics for running, CrossFit, and other programs available.

Upon Request

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